Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Mortad Hell - There's a Satanic Butcher in Everyone of Us

Friends of the Grindcore, one for you.

This is the kind of band that will leave you completely exhausted live, and most probably with a hurting ankle and a couple of dark spots. Very powerful riffs come along a nonstop drummer which I've found to be the main highlight of this group. A lead and a back vocalist perform the shouting perfectly and also sound good when slowing down to fast goth.

I don't believe I will ever be crazy for this hard a metal, but when it sounds as enjoyable as these I do enjoy it, if only every other day.

Not for the softies.

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Saturday, 24 February 2007

David TMX - Les Mondes Paralleles

This album dates back to 2003. This band is one of the most hard working I've ever come across. They produce tracks like rabbits, nonstop, and most amazingly they are original and carefully crafted.

The members of this French band play whatever style they feel like without complexes, pop, reggae, chanson,... though their hook is in metal. Their sound is truly powerful, mixing classic and personal tunes, melodic singing and pure shouting. These musicians seem to have no respect for style purists nor master formulas, resulting in an incredibly interesting work.

Now they are a must, whatever style you like. If what you hear is not your piece of cake, jump to the next track. If this album is too rough, try another from them. I would go as far as to assure they've got something you'll love. Try them try them try them.

Visit their website and have a look at Tout TMX / albums to get an idea of what they use their time for: www.davidtmx.com

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Thursday, 22 February 2007

Fury Kane - EP

Now, these people have fun playing together! I'm sure many of you three readers will say their sound is too soft but I can't help finding it really interesting. It does not seem like they are trying to fit in any category but rather playing what they feel like. And I enjoy that.

The lead rocks the lyrics, raps them or raises the pitch when it's time for getting goth. She's backed by some unexpected riffs and combinations, whilst electronic bits appear here and there. The more I listen to them, the more I like them, and the four tracks this EP is made of leave me thirsty.

This is definitively a band whose concert I am going to when they play anywhere nearby.

More info at: www.furykane.com

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Monday, 19 February 2007

Fast Friday - Memories in Our Mirrors

I don't really understand the name of the band. It got me thinking they were kind of easy punk until I finally heard them, and they are much more than that.

Their thrash guitars are quite enjoyable, the drummer does a very good job and the vocalist performs some perfect shouting and also... punks at times?... I'm still not sure what to think about the vocal melodies; when the singer gets softer the mix sounds... weird. I remember -not daring to compare- having a similar feeling with the first album of System of a Down, so it might not be a bad symptom.. just that I need to hear it a bit longer. Any thoughts about this out there?

More info at: go.to/fastfriday

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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Krepuskule - Krepuskule

A short demo for today's suggestion, though it's more a pay attention to what will come from Krepuskule than an actual hey listen to this.

Their sound has personality. I truly love the riffs they've come up with, simple yet effective. The range of strings they use sounds promising and they are very easy listening. It's a shame that the mastering of this demo wasn't quite as well done as they deserved, because at times instruments overlap and make a blur out of the melody.

I'm not fully convinced with the voice of the singer, but I am not sure if the high tones she seems to not reach properly are to be developed by her or by the recording studio.

Let's hope their next release will come quick, I am eager to hear what they've got to offer with a better producer. Worth a try for you if you like Hard Goth. More info at: whispering.death.free.fr

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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Start of the End - Start of the End

This band define themselves as deathcore, a mix between death and hardcore. The lead voice is definitively doing the likes of Asesino and Brujeria, but the riffs and pace aren't that clearly defined, which in their case means better. I see a lot of Sepultura in their teen parties, some Pantera and maybe some Manowar when the sun started to come through the windows.

I have to admit I am not that much into things like Cradle of Filth, but this guys make much more sense out of their shouts. The string melodies are clearly defined and will move your head towards the monitor surely if you let them in.

This album dates back to 2005, and they seem to not have released anything afterwards. Maybe they dissolved? If you are that interested you can try to find out at their website: startoftheend.kicks-ass.org, although it's kind of messy and uncomfortable to navigate.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Antarhes - Breathin' Again

An entry for the melodic-goth lovers. Antarhes is one of these bands that one can not classify as ground-breakers; they do what has already been done, but with their own style.
They are mainly young, very young, and that can be felt in their voices. The female singer does her part as main lead without a problem and her voice has personality although lacks a wider range. The guy doesn't fail either, but... it just doesn't rock for me. Their riffs are quite enjoyable if you don't expect an overwhelming solo, and their sound as a whole is a nice background for a relaxed smoke.
I like them, but I am sure I will like them more when they have been longer on the road.

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